Using Open Source to Fight Fraud

Using Open Source to Fight Fraud

In her June 04, 2013 article, Fixing welfare fraud requires technology reform, Melissa Threadgill of the Boston Globe calls on Big Data and Open Source Software and Open Standards to fight fraud.

“This is why state government needs to dramatically rethink its approach. Big, expensive, proprietary systems need to be replaced with off-the-shelf, open-source programs that can easily be adapted and updated with the latest technology. State agencies should adopt common data standards, preferably in concert with the federal government, to make data-sharing between agencies easier, and they should prioritize operating on platforms that can easily communicate.”

Threadgill cites Kansas and California as examples of using Open Source wins in the fight against fraud. “Kansas increased legislative transparency, improved Web functionality for citizens and lawmakers, and saved over $850,000 a year by moving to an open-source, cloud-based system.” Threadgill noted that since California built, “a new integrated computer network through a combination of off-the-shelf systems and open-source software, the California Department of Child Support Services increased performance, improved data quality, and reduced operating costs.” Both are big successes for the citizens of Kansas and California enabled by Open Source.

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Written by Kane